About Our Services

  • Value

    PerfectHorseAuctions.com provides high quality solutions at fair prices. We continually enhance our product line and expand our features to better serve our customers. Our stallion auction results have topped the industry in percentage of breedings sold and price averages.

  • Experience

    Since 2004, SearchforthePerfectHorse.com has provided a service for free classified listings of World Class Performance Horses. In 2006, Perfect Horse Auctions developed their online stallion auctions service. We have now expanded our services include horse, ranch, trainer, fund raisers, benefit, hay and horse related items for auction to serve associations, non-profits, businesses and individuals in the horse industry.

  • Reliability

    PerfectHorseAuctions.com has one focus - professional online auctions to serve the entire horse industry. We have been actively involved in the horse industry for over 50 years.

  • Service

    The tens of thousands of viewers and users through the years can attest to our record of success and service.

  • Flexibility

    Our system is extremely flexible and can be delivered in a wide range of configurations. If for some reason we don't have a feature you need, let us know so we can find a solution to your needs.

  • Efficiency

    Our fully hosted systems are effectively designed and allow you to focus on your business without all the worries of trying to develop your auctions.

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