How to Buy at Perfect Horse Auctions



Auction-style listings allows registered users to bid on an item, starting at the price the seller specifies. The listing will remain open for bids until the speciied end time. When the listing closes, the highest bid wins. Each bid is a binding contract to buy the item if you win.

Buy Now

Buy Now

Buy Now listings let you pay a fixed-price to buy the item immediately. There is no bidding against other buyers. Choosing Buy Now will end the auction for that item, and you will be expected to pay right away.

Some sellers will offer their remaining listings - those that did not sell during the bidding auction - as Buy Now listings, after the published sale dates. The price will be fixed, and no more bids will be accepted. Buyers may purchase those listings outright at the specified price until the date shown, or until the listing is sold. The closing date does not guarantee that the listing will be available until that date.

Bid and Buy Now

Buy Now

Some listings offer both both a Bid Price and a Buy Now price at the same time. A Buy Now purchase will close that listing immediately, and the item will be sold to the Buy Now purchaser without any additional bidding. The Buy Now option will ALWAYS close the listing immediately and sale will be made to the Buy Now purchaser. Sometimes the Buy Now option will be removed once a bid has been received.


Most listings are shown in the sale catalog for a preview period, before bidding begins. No bids can be placed during the preview. This allows the seller time to finalize all the information on the listing. Once bidding has opened, check the listing carefully for any changes before placing your bid. Remember, bids are a binding contract to purchase the item, if you are the high bidder.

Tracking Your Bids and Purchases and Making Payments

My Account

You can easily see all your bids and purchase in your user account. Check if you are the curent high bidder or if you have been outbid.

If you have made a purchase with Buy Now or if you are the winning bidder when a listing closes, your account will show the seller's contact information and payment instructions, including what forms of payment are accepted, where to send your payment, and how soon your payment is expected.

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