You must provide the terms of your sale, indicating the legal contract between you and the bidder.

The entire Terms of Sale must be added to each listing page to ensure that the bidder knows exactly what is being sold.

Terms should indicate whether the sale is for ownership of an item or for a service contract.

Terms for service contracts must specify the year(s) in which the service is to be used.

Terms should not include the end date or time for the listing, as these are subject to change.

Terms should indicate who is responsible for any additional costs such as boarding, transportation, shipping etc. Include any limitations necessary.

Terms should not rely on the bidder’s understanding of industry practices, as Internet bidding is available to many people who may not be familiar with the industry.

If your sale includes more than one kind of item (for instance, service contracts as well as items for sale), please include the general terms for your entire sale on this form. Specific terms should be added to each listing as appropriate.