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Custom online solutions for your association, ranch, or business.

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  • Custom Start and End Dates
    Because these are custom events, the bidding for your listings will open and close on the dates you specify.
  • Your Logo
    Your sale on Perfect Horse Auctions will display your association or business logo.
  • Link to Your Web Site
    Each listing in your sale will include a link to your own web site.
  • Instant Bidding
    Users will be able to see what the current bid is, and place their bid online. Results are updated in real time, so bidders will know if they have been outbid, and have the opportunity to place higher bid. More bidding means more profits!
  • No sniping!
    Bidding time will extend if any bids are received in the last few minutes, so truly the highest bidder will win!
  • Advertising
    Perfect Horse Auctions will feature your sale in regular newsletters to our large subscriber list!
  • Manage Your Listings Online
    Listings are added dirctly through our web site, allowing you to easily input, edit and view your own data.
  • Photos and Videos Our custom sales feature a generous number of photos and YouTube video options for each listing.

If you would like Perfect Horse Auctions to host an event for you, please Contact Us for pricing information. Please allow at least 30 days prior to the start of your event to set up your sale.

Click Here for our Quick Start Guide!

We recommend that you read the General Seller's Guide and the Custom Sales User Guide to help you better understand our the custom sale process.

General Seller's Guide    Custom Auction User's Guide(pdf)